Digital Parenting Pack FAQs

How do I purchase a pack?

Parents can attend cyber safety evenings hosted by a Cyber Expert who has their own pack and can purchase the pack on the night. Packs contain:

  • 12 months of the Family Zone Base plan (6 apps, box sold separately)
  • 12 months of the Cyber Expert subscription
  • Cyber safety resources such as digital contracts, information you need to know about the latest apps, and more

Some Cyber Experts have their packs available on their website, or bundled with other content.

How do I get started?

Within the pack, parents receive a unique voucher code which you can redeem at Vouchers can only be used once, and if lost, we are unable to replace.

After the voucher is redeemed, you will be taken to an onboarding page where you will be asked to create your Family Zone Account.

When do parents need to pay?

If the voucher is valid for 12 months, you don’t need to pay for your Family Zone or Cyber Expert subscriptions until a year after activation.

What if I've lost my voucher?

We are unable to track vouchers once purchased and unfortunately cannot refund this amount.

What if I already have a Family Zone Account?

If you already have an account but still want to redeem the voucher,  billing will need to fix your subscription. In order to manually amend your account to reflect the correct subscription, provide the following information:

  • the email the customer signed up with
  • the voucher code
  • the Cyber Expert they went to see

How do I know if my voucher worked?

Open the subscriptions area within the Family Zone account. There should be two subscriptions along with the date of when your first payment will be.