What are red alerts?
The Mobile Zone app is constantly working in the background to keep your users safe. However users often like to push boundaries and try to break the rules, when they do, alerts will be sent so that you stay informed.

Alerts will only be sent for Mobile Zone devices.

How do I receive red alerts?
Once the Mobile Zone app detects that the app has been removed or tampered with, We will send an email to all Parents as well as creating a To do in your account.

If you want to stop receiving red alerts emails, log into your Account and going to Cyber Safety > Controls > Alerts

What behaviour creates red alerts?

The following actions will cause Mobile Zone to send an red alert

What are Red Flags?

Red flags provides a unique insight into the history of all Red Alert events within your Zone. Any concerning alerts that are raised will be recorded in the Red Flag history

More information on Red Flags can be found here. 

How do I deal with regular behaviour like this?
Breakdowns in behaviour are an opportunity to communicate and engage. Check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.