After creating your account, default policies are set for all age profiles, or if you subscribe to a Cyber Expert, their policy recommendations are applied. However these settings might not suit all parenting styles so here are some settings that can be changed to relax profile settings.

Temporarily enable all settings - borrow to an adult user
If you just want all the settings to work on a device temporarily, you can borrow to an adult user. This will disable all restrictions and unblock all internet data.
Borrowing is an easy process. On a mobile device, you can borrow from the Mobile Zone app. Or on any device with a browser, visit Select yourself and enter your personal PIN.

More information on borrowing can be found here.

Extend play time for the day - quick time changes
Sleep time automatically kicks in according to your children’s routines, but if you’d like to give a child extra play time, you can perform a quick time change.
Log into your account, go to My Zone > My Family and select the user. Choose the length of time via the drop down menu, and then click the ‘Play’ icon. Use the “Cancel” button to normal routine settings.

More information on calendars and routines can be found here.

Relax all settings - change to a different age profile
As children grow up, our default profile settings become more relaxed. You can change user profiles by logging into your account, then going to My Zone > My Family > User > Settings > Change Profile.

More information on cyber safety profiles can be found here.

Know the limits - check your controls
Wondering why Facebook isn’t working or why YouTube videos aren’t playing? You can review controls by logging into your account and going to Cyber Safety > Controls > Select Profile. The controls here apply to all users on this age profile.

More information on content filtering can be found here.

Cyber Safety > Controls > Select Profile

We break up the internet into a range of different categories, then depending on the access period, categories may either be blocked or allowed. As the age of users increases, more categories are unblocked.

Individual websites can be added to this section allowing for custom control of what time period they are blocked or allowed.

These are the device settings Mobile Zone can control. For example, if the App Store is missing from your iOS device, these restrictions settings could be the cause.

Alerts will notify you if your users attempt to remove or tamper with the Mobile Zone app.

Social Networks
We specifically target and control popular apps and websites to give you greater control over your users.
More information on social networks can be found here.

Need more assistance? - Contact customer support

If you need further advice you can contact our friendly customer support team.

Email: support@family

Phone: 1300 398 326 or schedule a callback