What are consequences?

Consequences are automatically applied after certain red flag events, and significantly restrict functionality on Mobile Zone devices.

Users often like to push boundaries and try to break the rules. For some, open discussion isn’t enough to help change their behaviour. For users that consistently demonstrate bad behaviour we can enforce consequences on their Mobile Zone devices. 

What causes consequences to be enforced?

We have four scenarios where user actions can cause consequences to be enforced.

Removing the Mobile Zone app or Mobile Device Manager. Learn more

Jailbreaking or violating their operating system software. Learn more.

Installing a Hazardous app. Learn more.

Tampering with content filtering and VPN settings. Learn more.

Consequences are optional and can be enabled or disabled for specific age profiles. To change these settings log into your account and go to:

  • Settings
  • Age Profile Controls
  • Select correct Age Profile
  • Alerts and Consequences
  • Toggle "Disable all apps for 60 minutes if Mobile Zone is tampered with"

What do consequences do?

Consequences are different on Apple iOS and Android devices, due to the different features that Mobile Zone can enforce. 

If the Mobile Zone app is removed or the operating system is violated, you can opt for the user to be put into “Sleep” time, until to choose to re-allow access. This affects all their devices.

For more information click here

If a hazardous app is installed or VPN content filtering settings are tampered with, then the following settings can be enforced:

Apple iOS

  • Mobile Zone app will be hidden

  • All apps that have been installed from the App Store will be hidden
  • Safari will be hidden
  • The app store will be hidden
  • Camera will be hidden
  • Phone will NOT be hidden
  • Mail will NOT be hidden
  • iTunes will NOT be hidden
  • Messages will NOT be hidden
  • Notifications will NOT be stopped
  • Settings will NOT be hidden


  • The device will show a block screen explaining that apps have been disabled.
  • The Mobile Zone app can be accessed from the block page
  • Attempting to launch an app will display the block page instead of opening the app
  • Camera will be blocked
  • Phone will NOT be Blocked
  • Messages will NOT be Blocked
  • Settings will NOT be Blocked

I received a red alert but consequences were not enforced.

Consequences are not enabled by default. Only red alert notifications will be sent out normally.

To enforce consequences when certain red alerts are triggered, log into your account and go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Alerts

How do I remove consequences and restore device access?

Perform one of the following actions:

  • Loan the device to another user (Android only)
  • My Zone > Devices > Device > Remove consequence
  • My Zone > My family > User > Remove consequence
  • To do > Red alert > Remove consequence

Can I exclude specific apps from being hidden/blocked?

Not at this time; individual apps can not be excluded.

Why have all the apps on Apple iOS been rearranged once the consequence is concluded?

We use an Apple-provided method for hiding apps and, when this action is undone, apps return in alphabetical order, rather than any custom order set by the user. This may be annoying to the user, but may present an opportunity to discuss the consequence and behaviour that led to it occurring.