What is a VPN?
Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows Mobile Zone to send all of a device's internet data to our servers securely so that we can continue to filter content on any unsafe 3/4G or WiFi network.

What is VPN Connect on Demand?
Connect on Demand is a feature that we use to switch on the VPN (and our filtering service) when we detect a Mobile Zone device has left a registered Safe Network. Connect on Demand is an Apple iOS feature and does not affect Android devices.

Why can Connect on Demand be disabled?
Apple treats anyone who owns an Apple device as an adult giving them complete access over their device. We and other providers of content filtering technology are working to encourage Apple to provide this level of control.

How do I enable Connect on Demand again?
Access the affected device with the Mobile Zone App
Open: Settings
Select: General
Select: VPN
Select: Family Zone information (blue circle)
Enable: Connect on Demand

I am regularly getting alerted about VPN being violated.

You may wish to set a “consequence”. You can choose to disable a user’s devices if VPN settings are violated. You can re-enable the device when you choose. To set up a consequence, sign in to your account and go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Alerts.

Connect on Demand is enabled, but I don’t see the VPN symbol.
Connect on Demand will only activate the VPN when it isn’t connected to a registered Safe Network. Therefore, if you are connected to the Home Zone Wifi network, no VPN symbol will be displayed on your mobile device

Can I change policy settings for my users?
Users may be violating controls because the settings are not properly tuned. For example, they may be overly restrictive. Read our guide for more information.

How do I deal with regular behaviour like this?
Breakdowns in behaviour are an opportunity to communicate and engage. Check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.

What is a Safe Network?
Read our guide to Safe Networks