Location permissions are only required if you’ve turned the Location feature on your iOS (Apple) or Android smart device, or Family Zone is installed in Filter Only mode on your child’s iOS (apple) smart device.

Things to know

Devices: This alert relates to iOS (Apple) and Android devices that have the Location feature turned on or for iOS (Apple) devices that have mobile installed in Filter Only Mode.

Email Notification (requires email address): Yes

Push Notification (requires Zone Manager installed): No

Alarms: Yes, in the device details screen and the user dashboard for whom the device is associated with.  The alarm will no longer show when the location permissions are granted again.

Disable Notifications: N/A

Mute Notifications: N/A

To Do: Yes. To dos will automatically be closed when the location permission is granted again.

Red Flag: Yes. A device permissions red flag is logged.

Consequences: No

Eligible customers: This alert applies to customers with active Insights and Premium subscriptions.

Exclusions: iOS (Apple) or Android devices where Location is not enabled.

Why did I get this alert?

This Alert will be sent if your child disables location permission from their iPhone or Android smart device. You will only receive this Alert if Location has been enabled by you or the iOS (apple) device is installed in Filter Only mode and your child has disabled if from their device.

Why do I still have the alert/alarm when I have the permission set to allow “when using the app”?

Because we need to have access to the devices location when your child isn’t using the app to allow us to show you where they are.

What do I need to do when I get this alert?

Grab the device, open the Family Zone app on your child’s device, click on the red banner at the top and follow the on screen instructions.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: enable location permissions on iOS (Apple) or How to: enable location permissions on an Android.

Can I fix the location permission remotely?

No, you need to have the device.  However your child should be able to follow these instructions to fix it.

What is iOS (Apple) Filter Only mode?

Filter Only mode allows us to work with Schools that have their own MDM solution.

TIP: Read our Filter Only Mode feature guide for more information.

Can I stop my child turning off location?

Yes, on iOS (Apple) devices you can use restrictions to lock changes to location services.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: restrict location services on an iOS (Apple) device.

Will this impact my child’s ability to change the location permissions for all apps?

Yes, your child will be unable to adjust the location permissions of any app they already have installed or install.

Why can't I accept location permissions on my iOS (Apple) device?

You might have locked the location restrictions using Apple’s restrictions, you’ll need to turn these off.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: remove restrictions on location services on an iOS (Apple) device.

I received the notification but I can’t see a To do in my account. Why?

This likely means either:

  1. The issue has been resolved and we’ve detected Family Zone has been reinstalled, or

  2. The Family Zone service has been cancelled through your online account, or

  3. Another user with parent access has closed the To do.

 If you are at all concerned, you should check the device.