Why did I get this alert?

Family Zone has detected that permissions for the VPN have not been granted on this device.


What do I need to do?

Open the Mobile Zone app on the affected device and fix the permissions (see below).


How do I enable VPN permission?

Open the Mobile Zone app on the affected device.

Tap on Please complete device configuration

Tap on VPN

Tap 'Allow'

Enter Device PIN (iOS only)


I've given VPN access before. Why is Mobile Zone still asking for access?

All Android versions below Lollipop (5.0) do not save VPN permissions permanently. Each time the device is rebooted, VPN permissions will need to be re-granted. Upgrading to a later version of Android will ensure VPN permissions are saved on your Mobile Zone device.


Can I change policy settings for my users?
Users may be violating controls because the settings are not properly tuned. For example, they may be overly restrictive. Read our 
guide for more information.

How do I deal with regular behaviour like this?
Breakdowns in behaviour are an opportunity to communicate and engage. Check out our 
guide to dealing with misbehaviour.