Why did I get this alert?

We haven't seen any tracked usage from this device by any user in the last 24 hours.

So, if this device has been online in that time, then it looks like filtering has been disabled.

What do I need to do?

Simply use the device on any Mobile Zone or Home Zone network. By doing this we’ll detect the traffic and remove this red alert.

Open the following webpage, http://home.tools on that device should display a webpage, which confirms the device user, the current access period, while also giving the option to borrow the device.


When visiting home.tools, I get the message “You probably shouldn’t be here.”

This means you are not connected to our filtered network.

If you are using a device with Mobile Zone installed follow these steps:

  1. Turn on Flight Mode and then turn it off. Then browse the internet, trying home.tools once more.
  2. Open the Mobile Zone app. Ensure the app can connect to our servers (spinning icon disappears) and that the correct user in your zone is identified. If not, try cancelling Mobile Zone (through your Account - navigate to My Family > Devices > select the affected device and cancel the Mobile Zone app service) and re-activating the app once more.

If you are using a device with Mobile Zone 

If you are using a device connected to a Home Zone service follow these steps:

  1. Check the device is connected to the Family or Guest WiFi networks.
  2. Power cycle the box (ie turn off/on).
  3. Power cycle the other elements in your network (router, modem).

If you are still experiencing any issues please contact our customer support team


We are away and not using this device. Can I stop these notifications?

Yes, you can. Login Online and open the To do section, then select Device not seen in 24 hours.  On the right-hand menu, select the length of time you'd like this notification to be muted.

After a To do has been muted, a new settings menu will appear to give you the option of making further changes.

Muting a To do will also prevent emails and Zone Manager notification from being sent.

Why am I not getting this alert for other members of my zone or their devices?

This could mean that the user or their devices are not yet registered in our platform.

Or it may mean the user is set to “not tracked” in their settings menu (this is the default setting for adults).