Devices that have been violated or jailbroken allow users to install uncontrolled apps.  These apps can not only interfere with our ability to protect the device, but they are often dangerous.

Things to know

Devices: This alert relates to iOS (Apple) and Android smart devices only.

Email Notification (requires email address): Yes

Push Notification (requires Zone Manager installed): No

Alarms: Yes, in the device details screen and the user dashboard for whom the device is associated with.  The alarm will no longer show when the device's operating system is reinstated.

Disable Notification: N/A

Mute Notifications: N/A

To Do: Yes. The To do will have to be manually closed.

Red Flag: No.

Consequences: Yes. Premium subscriptions can apply a consequence that puts the user into sleep meaning they are unable to use other devices they are associated with.

Eligible customers: This alert applies to customers with active Insights and Premium subscriptions.

Exclusions: None.

Why did I get this alert?

Because it looks likely that your child has violated the operating system of their smart device. 

What do I need to do?

Grab the device and reinstate the operating system. This will likely require you to use google and do some research or get your child to do so.

What is violating the operating system and Jailbreaking?

These are terms used for when a user gains “root access” to a devices operating system. There is no proper reason to do this and it does void device warranties.

Why can children do this?

Apple and Android try to make it difficult, however it can be done and we are unable to stop this. 

Why would my child violate the device?

Most likely to bypass our controls or to hide what they are doing. 

This may be because the controls are too strict or that they wish to do improper things.  Talk to your child and find out what they are trying to access and, if applicable, adjust controls accordingly.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: manage internet filtering rules or our Content Filtering feature guide.

How do I deal with regular behaviour like this?

Breakdowns in behaviour are an opportunity to communicate and engage with your child. Check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.  

Are there settings which may discourage my child from violating controls?

Yes, customers with a Premium subscription can set consequences for when children violate controls. 

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: manage consequences or our Alerts & Consequences feature guide

I received the notification but I can’t see a To do in my account. Why?

This likely means another user with parent access has closed the To do.

 If you are at all concerned, you should check the device.