What is Filter Only Mobile Zone App?

The Mobile Zone "Filter Only" version of Mobile Zone is designed for iOS devices that already have existing filtering in place, for example, mandatory school filtering.

Why would schools already have filtering?

Some schools manage their student's iOS devices by installing a Mobile Device Manager (MDM). Mobile Zone also uses MDM technology to allow us to restrict certain device features. However, only one MDM profile can be installed on an iOS device at a time. This means that it will not be possible to utilise the full install of the Mobile Zone App if an existing school MDM profile exists.

I have a school MDM installed on my device, how do I install the Filter Only Mobile Zone app?

Before the Filter Only Mobile Zone app can be activated, you need to register your child’s school. Once the school is registered, install and activate the Mobile Zone App.

After signing in and selecting the device user, you should get a pop-up menu advising that you may have a school MDM installed and to install the Filter Only Mobile Zone app.

Select the Filter Only version of Mobile Zone, then follow the installation steps to install the Mobile Zone app.

I have selected my child’s school, however, when I activate Mobile Zone, I do not get to choose the Filter Only option.

If you do not get the option to select filter only when activating the Mobile Zone app, you will need to contact customer support on 1300 398 326 so they can update the school settings.

What is the difference between the Full Install and Filter Only versions of Mobile Zone?

Full Install
Filter Only
Control using Zone Manager

Filter internet

Manage screentime

Manage social media

Borrow devices

Alert if a device is unused for 24 hours

Mobile Zone removal alert

Review installed apps

New app install alert

Device settings tampering alert