"School Community" is a unique feature of Family Zone that allows schools and parents to work together seamlessly to create a safe, healthy and cyber-savvy generation.

The challenges of the internet and digital technology are enormous and your school requires your support. That’s why your participation in School Community is so critical.  Only by working together to monitor and prevent adverse online behaviour, can we educate our children - and ourselves - about potential risks and threats to their well-being. 

By opting-in to School Community, you agree to provide your child's school with visibility during school hours, to monitor their internet and mobile apps usage, and to view the status of Mobile Zone and any red alerts generated during this time. Access to this information is tightly controlled by Family Zone and the school in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Should your school have a School Calendar and Filtering Policy set up in Family Zone, you will automatically be opted into these, when you opt into School Community.  This means the school’s duty of care is extended to all mobile and laptop devices covered by Mobile Zone software during school time.  Outside of school time, you decide the filtering policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I opt out of School Community?

To opt out of School Community log into your online account through our web portal and go to Cyber Safety > Settings.  You can opt-out from this page.

What happens if I opt out of School Community?

If you opt out of School Community then schools who could previously see usage,  device data and alerts from users in your zone will no longer be able to.

Can my child’s school see data from my other children or me?

Schools can only see data from users with whom they have been associated.  To associate your child with a school, select their school during account creation or go to My Zone > My Family, click on the relevant family member, then Settings and then add their school.  

How can I tell if my child has opted into a School Calendar and Filtering Policy?

Go to My Zone > My Family, click on the family member you want to view.  If their calendar and policy are being managed by the school you will see a small padlock on the school icon in the Quick Time Change panel and the name of the school in the box underneath.

What happens if my child changes schools?

When your child changes schools, you should remove the old school through your online account and associate them with their new school.  Your Routines, Calendars and School Time Filtering Policy will be automatically updated to match the new school selected.