School Community is a unique feature which allows schools and parents to work together seamlessly to create a safe, healthy and cyber-savvy generation.

The challenges of the internet and digital technology are enormous and your school requires your support. That’s why your participation in School Community is so important.  Only by working together to monitor and prevent adverse online behaviour, can we educate our children - and ourselves - about potential risks and threats to their well-being. 

School Community lets parents delegate control of their children’s devices during school time to the school and to share limited information with them.

Why do schools want this feature?

Schools have legal obligations to keep your children safe during school hours. With increasing use of mobile devices (off the school network) schools need technology on devices (such as Family Zone’s protection apps) to keep children safe and focused on learning.

The school has their own filtering why do they need Family Zone’s protection apps installed?

The school has control of what happens while students are connected to their school network (WiFi), however if a student uses a personal mobile device or connects their learning device to a hotspot or non school WiFi the school is unable to control what the student can access during school time.  This puts at risk their ability to meet their legal duty of care obligations.  Family Zone’s protection apps and School Community allow schools to control devices during school time while they are not connected to the school network.

Can the school see what is happening within my child’s apps, emails, messages etc?

No.  They can only see that your child attempted to use certain apps or websites, it can’t see the content of any messages.

What does it mean if I Opt-in to or Out of School Community?

Opting in to School Community means for devices with one of Family Zone’s protection apps installed that your child’s school can:

  1. View your child’s online activity during school time

  2. View the mobile apps installed on iOS(Apple) or Android devices in use by your child

  3. View alerts with respect to attempts to bypass controls (eg deleting the Family Zone protection app installed on their device)

  4. Control the internet filtering rules for your child while they are not connected to the school network primarily blocking none education apps and websites

All information shared with the school is tightly controlled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

School Community only permits a School to view information with respect to users linked to that school.

Can I opt-out of School Community?

Yes. However, the school will be aware that if you’ve opted out of School Community, this may breach your child’s school’s IT Policies. Your child’s school will no longer be able to control your child’s off network internet activity during school time and you will also lose visibility of the school calendar and your child will no longer be filtered in accordance with the School’s school time filtering policy.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage School Community opt in status.

My child is sick and home from school, can I take control of their filtering?

Yes, you can take control of their filtering by completing a day type change or a quick time change.  The school will be made aware that you’ve overridden school filtering.

What can the school see?

The school can see the following information, in their portal,  for any user that is linked with them:

I can see in my online account my child is managed by a school. What does that mean?

This means your child’s internet access is being managed by the school’s policy during the school’s set school times just like they manage your children when they are connected to the school WiFi.  Their school and rest days are also set by the schools calendar.  You can override this and when you do the school will be advised.

Can schools view data from all users on my account?

No. School Community only permits a School to view information with respect to users linked to that school.

How can I work out if a school is managing filtering for my child?

Select the user in your My Family dashboard, if it shows “School time is set by School Name” then the listed school is managing their school time filtering.  It will also show you on the calendar and routine screens.

Can I see the school’s filtering policy?

No, you are unable to see the school’s filtering policy. If you are at all concerned then you should contact your child’s school.

What happens if my child changes schools?

When your child changes schools, you should remove the old school through your online account and associate them with their new school.  Your Routines, Calendars and School Time Filtering Policy will be automatically updated to match the new school selected.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: unlink your child from a school and How to: link a user to a school.

Feature Availability

This feature is available on Premium and Insights subscriptions. Please note filtering outside of school time is only available to Premium Subscriptions where both Insights and Premium subscriptions will be filtered during school time if opted into School Community and linked to a Partner School.