This article is designed to ensure children are unable to access additional or guest accounts within their Android device. These are not referring to Family Zone users or guests, but the actual user profiles on the device itself.

Step 1.
Obtain the device that you wish to control user accounts. Make sure you (or the parent) are set as the owner. You can open settings by sliding the screen down from the top, then selecting the user icon in the top right hand corner.

It may also look like this:

Step 2.

Before you add new users, make sure that the owner has a password/lock enabled on their profile so that other users cannot access it. This can be done within security settings on the device.
Add a new user by clicking 'Add User'. This will prompt some questions about the new account and whether you want to set up accounts, apps or emails for them. You can choose to skip this or add the extra information.

Step 3.

The final step is to log into the new user you have created. Make sure the Family Zone App is installed only on this profile. Keep this user logged in and they will not be able to switch to a guest or the owners' account. Having the owners' account password/lock protected will ensure other users are unable to access this account to make changes.

Tip: You can only have the Family Zone App installed once on a single device.