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Register a school

Upon creating a new family member

  • Create: New user as per registering a family member
  • Select: Register a School
  • Fill out: Required details
  • Send
  • Continue registering family member

After creating a family member
  • Select: Family member > Settings
  • Select: Register a School

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Things you need to know

Family Zone contacts the school

Family Zone will contact the requested school to gain the school WiFi and filtering details. Once we have these details, we will email you to advise the school can now be added as a safe network. Find out more about safe networks here.

Not all schools co-operate

While we try our best to get in contact with the school and gain the WiFi and filtering details, not all schools are happy to provide these details to us. In these instances, we will email you to let you know of this and ask to speak to the school yourself.