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Blocking/Allowing a website

Via Web Account or Zone Manager App

  • Log in: Web Account or Zone Manager App
  • Menu: Cyber Safety > Controls > Sites
  • Select: Age profile
  • Select: Add Site to be Blocked/Allowed
  • Enter: website domain name eg, or
  • Select: Age profiles to be added
  • Select: Access periods to be blocked/allowed
  • Save

Via access request
When a child is attempting to access a webpage that has been blocked, they will be redirected to the Family Zone blocked page which will advise them of why they're being blocked. They will have an option to 'Ask my parents' for access to the website. This will send parents an access request.
  • Receive: Access request email
  • Log in: Web Account or Zone Manager App > Dashboard
  • Select: To Do: Access Request
  • Select: Change Site Access
  • Select: Access periods for the site to be allowed
  • Select: Add to profile/Add to family

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