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Access requests

  • Open the App
  • Tap: Access period circle
  • Select: Access period desired
  • Input: Reason for access period change
  • Submit

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Things you need to know

Access Requests send email notifications

Parents will be notified by email when an access request is submitted by a child.

Action through Family Zone Web Account

Access Requests can only be actioned in the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App. They are shown in the Dashboard as a 'To Do'. The Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App can be accessed from any internet browser or mobile device.

Access Requests can be ignored

You can ignore & close Access Requests through the 'To Do' in Family Zone Web Account or Zone manager app.

You can set web pages to be blocked & unblocked

Web page Access Requests provide an option for Parents to control the website access in each routine period, overwriting the category filtering. Find out more here.

Quick Time Changes

An option of an Access-Request is to perform a Quick Time Change. This quickly changes their routine period for a set duration to a different one, such as Play Time.

Find out more about access requests here.