Install the Mobile Zone App on your child’s iOS and Android smart devices to extend the Family Zone outside of home. The App includes a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone plus it embeds technology to allow you to remotely manage the device and impose internet filters. Supports iOS versions (iOS 9 or later) and Android versions (5 and up).

The Mobile Zone App is designed for your children's devices. It is not for parents and does not have parental features. To manage your family's settings you need to access the Family Zone Web Account.

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Cancel the App from Family Zone Web Account

  • Sign in to: Family Zone Web Account
  • Menu: Settings > Devices
  • Select: Relevant device
  • Click: Cancel Mobile Zone

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Cancel the App from within the App

  • Open: App on relevant device
  • Select: Settings cog
  • Enter: Parent Pin
  • Select: Remove Controller

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Uninstall the App

For iOS devices:

  • Select and hold the Mobile Zone App till it shakes
  • Click the cross to uninstall

For Android devices:
  • Open: Devices setting menu
  • Menu: Security > Other security settings
  • Select: Device administrators
  • Turn off: Family Zone
  • Uninstall Family Zone App

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Things you need to know

Cancelling the Mobile Zone service removes the App and ceases filtering

Once the App is removed, all controls cease and your kids are exposed to cyber safety issues.

Cancelling a service does not change your subscription

Your Family Zone Subscription entitles you to a block of Family Zone Services. Accordingly we will not reduce your subscription automatically. To do so select Subscriptions in your Dashboard menu in the Family Zone Web Account. Find out more about our plans here.