When a new user device connects to your Family Zone network, it is assigned to the guest profile. In the Web Account, you can choose the device owner as a guest profile. The guest profile can have its own settings or mirror the profile settings of one of your family members. For more information on Guests, click here.

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Manage Guests Connecting to your Network

Registering a guest device as a Guest

Once a new guest device has connected to your Family Zone Network, in the To-Do select 'Guest Device'. Give the device a name, select type and Guest user. 

If the guest user hasn't been created yet, select 'Create New Guest'. Provide the first and last name and select a profile.

Making a guest a family member

You can bring a guest into your family by clicking "Family" on the To-Do-List item. This can have one of two effects:

  • If the user of the device DOES NOT currently have a Parent: they will be adopted into your Family.
  • If the user of the device DOES currently have a Parent: you will be able to request a Shared Parenting Arrangement.
Find out more about Shared Parenting here.

Ignoring the new Guest access

If the Guest has is a member of a different Family Zone, their personal filter settings will apply PLUS your SafetyNet filter. If they are not a member of Family Zone yet, they will have access to your Guest filter. Find out more about the SafetyNet here.

You can block the device from accessing your Network. Subsequently, you can unblock the device and assign it to family or guest users if you wish.

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Things you need to know

Register devices carefully 

Family Zones Cyber Safety Profiles are enforced by identifying a device and associating it with a family member. This will ensure that the device is filtered correctly for this family member. Find out more about Cyber Safety Profiles here.

Selling or giving away a registered device

If you sell a device, for example on eBay or Gumtree, then until your Family Zone account has been updated to remove the device from your family, the Cyber Safety Settings will continue to apply the filtering for that device.