The Family Zone Box can manage all devices on your home network. 

Here’s what happens when a new device connects, whether it belongs to a family member or a visitor:

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Registering devices on your account portal

Each time a new device connects to your home WiFi network, it will be automatically assigned to your “guest” profile,  and you’ll receive a notification. 

If you’d like an alternative setting for this device, simply

  • Log in to Portal > To Do

  • Select To-Do item "New Device Connected"

  • Assign: Device to a family member

    • Select: Device type

    • Select: Device owner

    • Name the device

  • Assign: Device as a guest

    • Select: Device type

    • Select: Guest

  • Block the device if it unknown

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Registering on the new device itself

  • On the new device, browse to:

  • Enter: Parent pin number

  • Fill out: Device name

  • Select: Device type

  • Select: User who uses the device

  • Submit

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Things you need to know

Register devices carefully

Family Zone’s Cyber Safety Profiles ensure every device on your network is filtered appropriately for a particular family member or visitor. Find out more about Cyber Safety Profiles here.

Selling, lending or gifting a registered device

Remember, until you remove the device from your account, Family Zone’s safety settings will continue to apply.