The Family Zone Box manages all devices on your home network. Each time a new device is connected to the safe wifi network, it is assigned to the guest profile and an email notification is sent to the parents. 

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Managing new device connections

When you receive a New Device Connected notification it means a users device has connected to your Network which is new to the Family Zone system. You can ignore this notification. In this case the user will have your Guest filter applied.

If you would like an alternative setting for this device, please follow the below;

  • Log in to Portal > To Do
  • Find: To-Do item "New Device Connected"
  • Select: Family Device or Guest Device and fill out appropriate details

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Blocking a new device

You can block an unknown device from accessing your Network by choose the Block Device option in the To Do. If you accidentally block a device, follow the below steps to unblock it.

  • Menu: Home Network
  • Menu: Devices
  • Click: the device you blocked
From here, you can assign the device to a family member or a guest
  • Assign: Device to a family member
    • Select: Device type
    • Select: Device owner
    • Name the device
  • Assign: Device as a guest
    • Select: Device type
    • Select: Guest

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Things you need to know

Register devices carefully

Family Zones Cyber Safety Profiles are enforces by identifying a device and associating it with a family member. This will ensure that the device is filtered correctly for this family member. Find out more about Cyber Safety Profiles here.

Selling or giving away a registered device

If you sell a device, for example on eBay or Gumtree, then until your Family Zone account has been updated to remove the device from your family, the Cyber Safety Settings will continue to apply the filtering for that device.