Parents often have concerns about their children using their mobile phone more so than other devices. Family Zone allows parents to protect and routine a single device for children.

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Control a single device

When setting up Family Zone for the first time with a Box:

  • Create all family members
  • For devices with multiple users, create them as 'Equipment' or 'XBox' and assign to the lowest profile
  • Configure the routine and Cyber Safety profile
  • Activate your Family Zone Box
  • Connect devices to the Family Zone Family WiFi network
  • Browse to Home.Tools to register the device
  • Provide device name, type, owner and parental pin
  • We highly recommend changing the existing modem WiFi password to get children onto the Family Network

When setting up Family Zone for the first time with the App:
  • Create all family members
  • Configure their routine and Cyber Safety profile
  • Download the Family Zone App from the App Store or Google Play
  • Generate a key to activate the Family Zone App
  • Activate the Family Zone App

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Things you need to know

Creating a routine

When controlling a single device ensure that you set up a routine for the person using the device.

Cyber Safety Profile

Depending on the date of birth submitted when creating the new user, a relevant Cyber Safety profile will be created. Remember that if children share the same age as another family member, any changes made in Cyber Safety will affect both users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is always on their phone, can I stop their internet working on it so they put it down?

Yes, please follow one of the methods at the top of this article on how to control a single device.

Can I make my child's phone have different access to another device of theirs?

Yes, creating a new family member specifically for a device and ensuring it is assigned as an age profile not in use by another family member. You can then configure this device's access without changing other devices.

Can I control internet access on a Playstation or Smart TV?

Yes, they will be connecting through the Family Zone Box. Its best to create separate users to assign these devices.