Family Zone's Home.Tools webpage allows users to register devices, borrow devices to other users and request access to websites.

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Register a device

When a new device has connected to the family WiFi network, they will need to be registered. Follow the below steps to register a device.

  • Browse to: Home.Tools
  • Fill out: Device name and type
  • Select: User who uses the device
  • Enter: Parent pin number
  • Submit
Find out more about managing new devices connecting to your Family WiFi network here.

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Borrow a device

Borrowing allows users have their Cyber Safety Profile applied to a device when it's a shared device. Follow the below steps to borrow a device.

  • Browse to: Home.Tools
  • Click: Borrow button
  • Select: User who is borrowing the device
  • Enter: Users pin number
  • Submit
Find out more about borrowing here.

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Request access

When a child attempts to access a website category that is blocked for their age profile, they will be met with the Home.Tools webpage explaining that they have been blocked from accessing it. Children can send an access request to the parents to ask for access to that website. Follow the steps below to send an access request.

  • Browse to: Blocked category webpage > this will load Home.Tools
  • Click: Ask my parents
  • Fill in: Reason for wanting access
  • Submit
Find out more about access requests here.

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Things you need to know

Home.Tools is only accessible on a safe network

Users not connected to a safe network will be unable to access the Home.Tools webpage. This webpage is only accessible to users connected to a safe network.

Session Details

Session details ill advised the MAC address of the device that you are currently using, and if connected to a Family Zone Box, its MAC address will be displayed.

Check if your kids are on Family Zone

Home.Tools will display the current user profile and access period. You can use this page to ensure they are on the correct settings.