For security reasons, Family Zone locks Cyber Safety settings to your family through the Family Zone Box. So, if you sell a Box to another family, it will operate under your settings.

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Transfer ownership or dispose of a Family Zone Box

If you dispose of a Box, even if you are not selling or giving it to another person, it is recommended that you de-register it from your Family Zone Account. Follow the below steps.

  • Log into your Family Zone Web Account
  • Menu: Home Network
  • Menu: Boxes
  • Select: Relevant Box
  • Select: De-register

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Request the previous owner of a Box to de-register it

If you want to activate a Box that you have purchased from someone then you must ask them to de-register it from their Family Zone account.

Note: You will need to contact the previous owner of the Box as Family Zone is unable to assist due to the security of both parties.

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Things you need to know

De-register the Box if you dispose of it

We recommend you de-register your Box before disposing of it. If you do not, if someone else connects the Box to their network, Family Zone will think you are using it and will apply your settings. You will also be notified of new users connecting to the network.

Family Zone cannot intervene in disputes of Boxes

For security reasons, Family Zone will not intervene in disputes about Boxes. The risk of us making the wrong decision is that children may get inappropriate access to internet content and this is something we take very seriously.