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Factory Resetting your Box

A factory reset of the Family Zone Box restores the box to its factory default settings. Sometimes this is necessary in case new settings have been forgotten or are causing issues.

  • You will require a pin or paperclip in order to press the button. It is small, round, and can be found at the back of the box above the USB port. 
  • Press down on the button for at least 12 seconds
  • As a result, the lights at the front of the Box will start flashing. This confirms that your reset was successful.
  • Once the lights on the Box stop flashing, go to the Family Zone Web Account > Home Network > Boxes and the connection status should say it was online recently
  • Then go to Home Network > WiFi and save your WiFi settings again

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Factory Resetting your Modem

In some circumstances, your modem may require a factory reset. This can be performed similarly to a Family Box reset. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to reset your modem, but please note that if there is an issue with the Family Zone Box, resetting the modem will not fix the issue. If you have any issues factory resetting your modem, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Example Steps to Factory Reset your Modem/Router

  • Reset the device by holding in the reset button (may require a paper clip) for a minimum of 12 seconds
  • The WiFi network name (SSID) will revert back to the default setting - will take a few seconds
  • Type in the modem web address (e.g. into your web browser and click enter (e.g. using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari)
  • Upon instruction enter your original ISP provided user name & password
  • Upon instruction enter the WiFi modem default user name & password (this step could be reversed with Step 4)
  • You should now be successfully logged in and can change the WiFi name (SSID) and importantly the password. Make sure you change it to something your kids won't guess!
  • Connect all devices you want to protect to your Family Zone Box WiFi network (SSID)

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Things you need to know

Modem settings are separate to the Family Zone Box

If you perform a Factory Reset on a Family Zone Box your WiFi settings are not deleted. These will be re-installed when your Box reconnects to the internet.

If it doesn't do this automatically, sign into the Web Account, go to Home Network > WiFi and click the save button. This should push an update within 2 minutes.

Do not reset more than once
We advise when performing a factory reset to only press the button once. Pressing it multiple times in the one sitting can create issues with the Box.