The Family Zone offers services on Subscription Plans paid through credit card Direct Debit arrangements. Plans are billed in either monthly or yearly billing cycles. This guide provides an overview of Family Zone billing and payments.

Billing Periods

If you select a monthly plan we will bill you each month on the anniversary of the date you subscribed to your plan (this is your ‘billing cycle’).  We will continue to bill you monthly until you cancel your subscription or it is terminated. Where your plan is cancelled or terminated it will end at the end of your current billing cycle.

For yearly plans, prior to completion of your minimum term you will be notified that your term is ending and advised of the commencement date and price of your new plan. You must advise us before commencement of a new plan term if you wish to cancel your subscription. Where your plan is cancelled or terminated it will end at the end of your current term.

Changing Billing Periods

You can change billing periods however this will only be performed and effective at the end of your existing plan. To change billing period, go to the Family Zone Shop and select a new subscription plan.

Payment Methods 

We currently only accept credit card direct debit through MasterCard and Visa.

We use 3rd party billing and payment providers. Our payments are processed by PayPal. Our Payment Processing is secure and PCI Compliant.

We do NOT keep records of your payment methods (credit cards). This is maintained by our billing provider under the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). 

Changing Payment Method

You can change payment method by visiting the Family Zone Shop.

Expired Cards

If your credit card is due to expire we will email 30 and 14 days prior to expiry and ask you to update your payment method information.  If you don't update your payment method before your next payment it will fail and your services may be impacted (see failed payment below). 

Failed Payments

If a payment attempt fails, we will notify you. We will make 3 retry attempts at least 48 hours apart.

At the conclusion of our retry attempts your services will be cancelled and you will be notified.

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Things you should know 

Customer Terms

You should read this solution in conjunction with our Customer Terms. These can be found at

Failed Payments, Fees & Charges from your Financial Institution 

Whilst we will attempt to charge your payment method on the anniversary of your plan we may not always be able to do so.  

In all circumstances you are responsible for fees and charges from your financial institution e.g. for declined payments, overdrawn fees etc.