A Family Zone subscription is a contract between you and us which will include a minimum contract period, periodic charges and so on. The terms and conditions of our contract are set out in our Customer Terms which is available at www.familyzone.com/legal

If you choose to use the services of a Cyber Parenting Partner you will also require a Cyber Parenting Partner Subscription. The terms and conditions of your contract with your Cyber Parenting Partner are between you and them although the standard terms are set out in our Customer Terms.

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Things you should know

Family Zone plans and entitlements
Each Family Zone plan comes with a set number of included Family Zone services. For example our Small Family Plan entitles you to 2 active Family Zone services. This means you can have 2 active Family Zone Apps or an App and an Box.

Cyber Parenting Partner Subscriptions 
Cyber Parenting Partner subscriptions are separate from Family Zone subscriptions because our partners set their own prices. We will however bill you for both. 
Your Cyber Parenting Partner subscription will be aligned with your Family Zone subscription. So if you have chosen a monthly Family Zone plan then you must choose a monthly Cyber Parenting Partner plan and your billing periods will be aligned. 

Monthly vs Yearly Terms
We offer both monthly and yearly pricing plans. Yearly plans offer substantial savings. 
Other than as part of our free trials and money back promises we do not refund yearly subscriptions if you cancel your services within the plan term. 

Upgrading your plan 
You may upgrade your plan at anytime through the Family Zone Shop. Doing so will allow you to access more services. A payment will be required and this change will be effective immediately. 

Downgrading your plan
You may downgrade your plan through the Family Zone Shop. Downgrades will be effective at the end of current billing term. You may need to cancel some Services where your chosen plan does not entitle you to as many Services as you currently have active. 

Special offers e.g. Free trials & money back promises
These may be offered from time to time. The terms of which will be published on our website. Typically however if you choose to cancel your Services within these periods then you will incur no charges and you will receive a full reimbursement for products returned to us in re-usable condition.

Currently all billing/invoicing is performed in Australian Dollars. Our shop will present currency conversions as estimates only. Price variations will occur as exchange rates fluctuate.