A Family Zone subscription is a contract between you and us which will include a minimum contract period, periodic charges and so on. The terms and conditions of our contract are set out in our Customer Terms which are available at www.familyzone.com/legal.  

Family Zone offer two subscription types:

  • Family Zone Insights

  • Family Zone Premium

Family Zone Insights

Family Zone Insights provides Mums and Dads with a way to keep a watchful eye on their child’s online activity. Simply install Family Zone’s app on your child’s devices and Insights will silently work for you in the background, providing you with weekly SNAPSHOTS of your child’s internet and app usage. 

It will alert you of risky or inappropriate activity and will let you locate your children and their devices. And most importantly, Insights provides you with access to Family Zone’s team of acclaimed cyber experts, delivering you the practical advice and support you need, exactly when you need it.

Family Zone Premium

Family Zone Premium provides all the benefits of Insights with the added ability to set boundaries for your child and their internet usage.  Our cyber experts have set up default profiles that take all the hassle out of setting the rules.  Parents have the ability to customise these profiles and take control of their child’s internet journey.  Rules can be set for what children can access during, school, study and play time and will cut off access to the internet when it’s time to wind down and sleep.

Premium subscription holders also have the added ability to implement consequences when children attempt to bypass filtering and have the peace of mind that their children are being stopped from accessing content they shouldn’t be.

How do I know which subscription type I have?

Sign into your online account or open the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device.  Insights customers will have a red banner across the top of their screen, Premium customers wont.

How do I upgrade from Insights to Premium?

Click on the red banner in your online account and it will take you to the subscriptions page to allow you to upgrade.

Can I convert from Premium to Insights?

Yes.  Via the subscriptions page you’re able to convert your account from Premium to Insights.

How many Family Zone protection apps can I have on my subscription?

Each plan comes with a set number of included Family Zone protection apps and Home Zone services.  This is generally 6 Family Zone protection apps and one Home Zone box per account, this is usually enough to cover around 3 children with 2 devices each.  Some plans available through partners may vary from this number.

Can I purchase additional services?

Premium accounts can purchase additional services, however Insights plans are unable too.