Family Zone gives you complete control over what your kids are doing online, and when and where they are doing it.

Family Zone brings together the best technologies, providers and cyber experts into one easy to-use system. Developed by parents, Family Zone gives you control over what your kids are doing online at home and when mobile. 

Setting up your Zone

Step 1: Select a Cyber Expert

We recommend choosing a Cyber Expert to provide settings that are custom-designed and age appropriate. Your Cyber Expert will eliminate the hard work of keeping up to date with technology, apps and online risks, which makes it easy for you!

Cyber Experts are independent professionals that set their own charges and incorporate Family Zone into their services.

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Step 2: Register your family

To register your family, simply enter each family member’s date of birth, then let Family Zone and your chosen Cyber Expert do all the hard work for you providing default access rules, suggesting routines and more.

Step 3: Create a safe home network

The unique Family Zone Box simply plugs into your modem router. It provides powerful WiFi with no impact on your home internet speed. Simple to set up, the Family Zone Box can manage access rules and schedule play, school, study and sleep times for all your family’s devices. It can even manage guest access.

Step 4: Protect your kids' mobiles outside of home

Family Zone offers uniquely unified parental controls at home and on the go. Download the Family Zone app from the App Store or Google Play to remotely manage your kids’ mobile devices and apply the same Family Zone filters and access restrictions they have at home.