Developed by parents, Family Zone gives you complete control over what your kids are doing online, when and where they are doing it. Install the Family Zone App on your children’s mobiles and tablets for protection when they are out and about. Rely on settings from your chosen Cyber Expert or choose custom settings and access routines through the easy-to-use Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App.

The Mobile Zone App

The Mobile Zone App provides the same filtering you would experience from the Box. Simply install our App through the App Store or Google Play, activate it and take control of your kid's smart device experience.

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Free to download

Install the Mobile Zone App on your child’s iOS and Android smart devices to extend the Family Zone outside of home. The App includes a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone plus it embeds technology to allow you to remotely manage the device and impose internet filters. Supports iOS versions (iOS 8 or later) and Android versions (4.0.3 and up).

Filters when outside of home

The Mobile Zone App includes technology to route mobile data through Family Zone’s filters via a VPN. Our full suite of controls are available including web filters and social network controls.

Safe Search

The Mobile Zone’s App allows enforcement of Google and Bing safe search restrictions.

YouTube restrictions

The Mobile Zone App allows enforcement of adult content restrictions on YouTube. This blocks all adult rated or unrated content.

Device restrictions

If you wish you can use Family Zone to control device features on phones or tablets, such as whether your kids can use the camera, install Apps or make in-app purchases.

App alerts and unsafe apps

If you wish we will notify you every time your kids install an App. And, in a Family Zone innovation, if your kids install an App considered unsafe by your Chosen Cyber Expert we’ll notify you along with their advice and instructions.

Child friendly App

Our App provides a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone on their mobile devices. They can also “borrow” a communally shared device (provided you’ve assigned them a PIN). Your kids can also send you messages requesting Quick-Time once-off access changes. And for a bit of fun, you can set up avatars for your family and backgrounds.

Device violation detection

Family Zone technology is built to identify (as much as we can) attempts by your kids to violate mobile device operating systems or Family Zone controls. If they Jailbreak the device or remove our App you’ll be notified, and their internet access set to "Sleep".

Works with school systems

Most schools these days implement filtering systems and install technology on mobile devices brought to school. In most instances Family Zone technology can work in conjunction with, or defer to, a school’s system. Please contact our support team for further information.

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