Our world-first cyber safety expert program brings professional advice into your home. You access predefined rules which can be applied or easily modified to suit your family’s needs and up-to-the minute advice and support on the ley cyber safety challenges of today.

Technology is changing rapidly and internet risks are emerging daily. With their busy schedules, parents are struggling to keep up with recent trends. We have teamed up with trusted Cyber Experts to tackle these challenges so parents are free to continue with their own obligations.

Your chosen Cyber Expert will provide you with their recommendations and allow you to take advantage of their ongoing efforts to identify and limit the threats to your kids, which means one less thing you have to worry about! Of course you can modify their settings, however we strongly recommend you benefit from the experience of Cyber Experts.

Who and what are Cyber Safety Experts?

Cyber Experts are our renowned team of child psychologists, educators and law enforcement professionals who are specialists in the online world and its impact on our children.

Our Cyber Safety Experts are available to you for free, offering you advice, insights and ongoing support as you and your family navigate you the digital world.

What does my Cyber Expert give me?

Our Cyber Experts give you the benefit of their wealth of knowledge, experience and education which are delivered to you through:

Can I change my Cyber Expert?

Yes, you can change your Cyber Expert at any time.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: change your Cyber Expert.

How often do Cyber Experts update their information and advice?

Everyday. We and our cyber safety experts constantly strive to make these better and more relevant.

Can I suggest changes to profile settings?

Yes, we encourage feedback, you can log your suggestion with our support team.

Do I need to use a Cyber Expert provided profile?

Yes. However you can modify them.

TIP: Read our Cyber Expert Profiles feature guide for more information.

Feature Availability

Cyber Experts are  available on both Premium and Insights subscriptions. 

Please note filtering and other settings are only available to Premium Subscriptions.