What are Cyber Expert App Reviews?

Cyber Experts stay up to date on everything kids are doing online, and they typically review hundreds of trending apps each month. If your kids install an app that your Cyber Expert considers risky, you'll be notified. You’ll also receive a review of the app and any recommendations.

Where can I see app reviews?

  • Once Mobile Zone is installed, you’ll receive an email with reviews of all installed apps.

  • Whenever a new app is installed on a protected device, you’ll also receive a review via email. 

  • From your online account or Zone Manager, navigate to Insights > Apps

What are the different recommendations?

  • Recommended
    Cyber Experts have determined that these apps are considered safe to use.

  • Be Careful
    Cyber Experts have determined that these apps may present some cyber safety risks. 

  • Unsafe
    Cyber Experts have determined that these apps pose cyber safety concerns to children below the suggested age.

  • Hazard
    Hazard apps disrupt Mobile Zone’s device protection and should be uninstalled as soon as possible. More information about hazard apps can be found here

What about apps that haven’t been reviewed yet?

App reviews are undertaken periodically, based on the experience and judgment of Family Zone’s Cyber Experts. There are literally millions of apps available for download, and some risky ones will inevitably slip through without review. We collectively do our best, but it’s impossible to guarantee a 100% risk-free internet environment for your family.

Can I suggest an app to be reviewed?

Yes, please. Send our support team an email at support@familyzone.com

Can I block individual apps?

No. However, some apps can be managed through our Social Network controls. Find out more here.