One of the innovations of Family Zone is Cyber Expert support. Cyber Experts are independent professionals and leaders in parenting, education and child development in the digital age. Cyber Experts are available to you through the Family Zone platform and a personal cyber partner. Cyber Experts take the complexity, time and worry out of parental control.

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Peace of mind
With Family Zone, you get peace of mind with your kid's use of mobile apps. You no longer need to sit with them and research the app before it's installed. Cyber Expert App Reviews are there working in the background, keeping your kids safe and you aware.

So many apps - it's hard to keep up
At some stage all parents find their kids using apps and doing things on the internet that they haven't used and/or don't understand. Things are moving so fast and we're so busy, it's impossible to keep up. But for Cyber Experts this is their job. They are across what kids are doing online and they review 100's upon 1000's of apps. So if your kids install an app your Cyber Expert considers risky, you'll be notified along with a review of the app and recommendations.

Deception Apps
Did you know there are 100's of apps today specifically designed to hide activity? They're called Deception Apps and include a proliferation of utility-like apps (eg calculators) which are actually for hiding files, taking undetected pictures and browsing the internet without tracking. Through the Family Zone App reviews feature, your chosen Cyber Expert will let you know if your kids are using a Deception App.

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Things you need to know

App Reviews and frequency
App Reviews are performed periodically and based on the experience and judgement of Family Zone and the Cyber Experts. There are millions of apps and some risky apps will slip through without review. We collectively do what we can but we can't promise a risky free internet environment for your family.

You may not see app reviews
If your child has apps installed which have not yet been reviewed, you will not see any review or notification.

App Reviews are only available through Cyber Experts
Family Zone does not require family's to use a Cyber Expert. Our Do It Yourself option is for those customers. However, this package does not include app reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are app reviews?
App reviews are a brief easy to understand review for parents which explains the benefits and dangers of apps found to be installed on your child's devices.

What do I do with app reviews?
Parents can read the reviews of apps which their children have installed through the Family Zone Web Account

 (and notification emails).

Can I suggest an app to be reviewed?
Yes, please send our support team an email at or raise a ticket!

Why can't I see any app reviews?
If you have a Cyber Expert with Family Zone and cannot see any app reviews, this means we may not have reviewed the apps your child has installed. Also, if you are not using a Cyber Expert, App Reviews are not available.

Can I get app reviews without having a Cyber Expert?
No, app reviews are a benefit of having a Cyber Expert with Family Zone.

I received an email about an unsafe app my child has installed, what do I do?
Family Zone will try to notify parents if apps are installed that are considered unsafe or risky by your chosen Cyber Expert. This notification will include your Cyber Experts views on this app and any applicable recommendations.

Do unsafe apps get blocked?
No. Your child will still be able to access apps that are reviewed as unsafe. However, some apps can be managed through our Controlled Social feature. Find out more here.