Technology is changing rapidly and the sites and Apps our children access seem to change daily. How can you possibly keep up?

Cyber Expert App reviews deliver to you up-to-the minute advice on the App your child just downloaded. Be aware and be fully armed when you talk to your children about the Apps they use. 

Cyber Experts stay up to date on everything kids are doing online, and they typically review hundreds of trending apps each month. If your kids install an app that your Cyber Expert considers risky, you'll be notified. You’ll also receive a review of the app and any recommendations.

Where can I see app reviews?

Once the Family Zone app is installed and registered on your child’s device, you’ll receive an email with reviews of all installed Apps. And whenever a new App is installed, you’ll also receive a review by email.  

You can also access a list of Apps and view the App Reviews in your online account or via the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: check installed apps.

What do Cyber Expert classifications mean?

  • Recommended: Cyber Experts recommend these Apps for children.

  • Be Careful: Cyber Experts have determined the ages that this App may present some cyber safety risks. 

  • Unsafe: Cyber Experts have determined the ages that this App is not suitable for a child.

  • Hazard: Hazard Apps disrupt our controls. They should be uninstalled immediately. Read our Red Alert: Hazardous app found help guide for more information.

What device types does this service work for?

 We only scan Apps on iOS (Apple) or Android devices running Family Zone. 

What does it mean if an installed App isn’t reviewed?

Our Cyber Experts focus their efforts on the most popular Apps. 

You can contact our support team if you’d like an App reviewed. 

My child has an inappropriate App installed. What can I do?

We can filter many of the most popular social, gaming and streaming Apps. For example Snapchat can be disabled by our filtering services. 

If filtering isn’t available you’ll need to remove the App manually.

In all circumstances Cyber Safety Experts suggest conversations with your child are important in these situations. If there is a pattern of misbehavior you may want to check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.  

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage internet filtering rules.

When will I get notified that an App has been installed on a device?

Family Zone scans devices at least hourly to identify changes. Unless you disable this notification we’ll notify you within moments if we detect a new App.

Can I stop my child from installing Apps on their device?

Yes. Premium customers can restrict access to the App and Google Play store. 

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: manage App purchases and How to: manage In App Purchases.

Can I turn off App alert emails?

Yes. Premium customers can do this by Age Profile. 

TIP: Read our help guide to find out How to: manage app alert emails.

Why don't I get App alerts on my child’s school provided iOS (Apple) device?

Some schools run their own technology similar to our Device Management profiles. If so, we don’t have the ability to scan the device for App changes.

TIP: Read our help guide to find out more about the Filter Only Mode feature.

Feature Availability

Cyber Expert App reviews are available on both Premium and Insights subscriptions. 

Please note: App Reviews are only sent for Apps detected on iOS (Apple) and Android devices.