The Family Zone App provides a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone plus it embeds technology to allow you to remotely manage the device and impose internet filters.

An important set of features of the Family Zone App involve managing hacking and violations of our controls by kids.



Detection of Jail-breaking

Violation of a device's operating system is known as Jail-breaking or Root'ing. There is typically no valid reason to do this and it invalidates vendor support. In most situations Family Zone's technology can detect these events, helping you keep your kids and their devices safe.

Detection of deletion of the Family Zone App

Kids being kids, will likely try at some stage to get around Family Zone. In most situations Family Zone's technology can detect these events, helping you keep your kids and their devices safe.

Alerts for risky activity

Family Zone's technology is on the look-out for risky activity, risky Apps and violations. Where such events are identified you'll be notified allowing you to engage with your kids.

Bite back with Sleep Time

We parents rarely get the opportunity to impose instant penalties for errant behaviour. With Family Zone alerts you can choose to put your kid's internet access to 'Sleep Time' if they delete the Family Zone App or if we detect that they've violated their smart device.

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Things you need to know

We try but cant promise to detect all violations

In most instances, we can detect violations of the devices (where our App is installed) or of our App. It does, however, depend on what's been done and if the device is online.

Sleep time is by default triggered for kids that violate devices

Be aware that by default Family Zone will put a user's internet access (on all of their devices) to Sleep if the Family Zone detects a violation on one of their devices. So, if you or they, remove the App be prepared for blocked internet access. You can re-instate standard access routines through the Dashboard in the Family Zone Web Account.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need alerts active?

No, you can disable any or all alerts through the Family Zone Web Account.

What is violating the device?

Violating a device refers to removing the Family Zone App, Jail-breaking (on iOS) or Root'ing (on Android) the operating system of the device. It also can mean modifying admin settings on Android devices. We work to detect violations because it typically means the device's user is trying to or can bypass your chosen cyber safety settings.

What is Jail-breaking?

Jail-breaking is the process of bypassing restrictions on iPhones and iPads to install other apps and tweaks not approved by Apple. 

What is Root'ing?

Root'ing is a process similar to JailBreaking for hacking Android devices, game consoles, and so on. "Root'ing" and "Jail-breaking" are often used interchangeably. 

How do I stop my kids violating their device?

Family Zone does not have a way of stopping kids from violating devices however, we do have technology that identifies violations and reports these to parents while setting the child to 'sleep' which blocks internet access.

What happens if my kid violates a device that has the Family Zone App installed?

If the action is detected, we will email you details and instructions to remedy the issue. In most circumstances, the device's user will be moved to 'Sleep Time' to both reduce risks and give them a penalty.

Will my child be able to use another device once they are put into Sleep Time?

No, Sleep Time is enforced across all of their devices.

Can you detect violation of devices without the Family Zone App installed?

No. Detection of device violations is only available where the Family Zone App is installed and active.