Install the Mobile Zone App on your child’s iOS and Android smart devices to extend the Family Zone outside of the home. The App includes a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone plus it embeds technology to allow you to remotely manage the device and impose internet filters. Supports iOS versions (iOS 8 or later) and Android versions (4.0.3 and up).

The Mobile Zone App is designed for your kid's devices. It is not for parents and does not have parental features. To manage your family's settings you need to access the Family Zone Web Account

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Filtering when outside of home
The Mobile Zone App includes technology to route mobile data through Family Zone’s filters via a VPN. Our full suite of controls is available including web filters and social network controls.

Safe Search
The Mobile Zone App can impose Google and Bing safe search restrictions.

YouTube Restrictions
The Mobile Zone App can impose strict adult content restrictions on YouTube. This blocks all adult rated or unrated content.

Device Restrictions
If you wish you can use Family Zone to control device features on phones or tablets, such as whether your kids can use the camera, install apps or make in-app purchases.

App Alerts & Unsafe Apps
If you wish we will notify you every time your kids install an app. And, in a Family Zone innovation, if your kids install an app considered unsafe by your Chosen Cyber Expert we’ll notify you along with their advice and recommendations.

Child-Friendly App
Our App provides a simple interface for your kids to interact with the Family Zone on their mobile devices. They can also “borrow” a communally shared device (provided you’ve assigned them a PIN). Your kids can also send you messages requesting Quick-Time once-off access changes. And for a bit of fun, you can set up custom avatars for your family and backgrounds.

Device violation
Family Zone technology is built to identify (as much as we can) attempts by your kids to violate mobile device operating systems or Family Zone controls. If they Jail-break the device or remove our App you’ll be notified, and their internet access set to "Sleep".

Works with schools
Most schools these days implement filtering systems and install technology on mobile devices brought to school. In most instances, Family Zone technology can work in conjunction with, or defer to, a school’s system. Please contact our support team for further information.

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Things you need to know

For Kids not Parents
The App is for controlling internet access and device features, It should only be downloaded on kid's smart devices. To manage your family's settings, sign-in to the Family Zone Web Account

Not compatible with all devices
Only compatible iOS and Android devices are supported. Find out more here.

Not for PCs and MACs
The App is currently designed to only be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for smart devices.

1 App per device
Our App uses both device management and our internet filtering technology to ensure your kid's access to services is controlled. To work correctly, you must install and activate the App on each of your kid's smart devices.

Policies for managing your family's devices are stored in the Family Zone Web Account. The App regularly contacts Family Zone to ensure the policies are in-sync.
There is a small amount of data usage associated with the App syncing with the Family Zone Web Account and battery usage, both are unnoticeable.

Device Violation and deleting the App
If the App is deleted, the filtering profile will continue to work. Find out more here.

Not compatible with some School technologies
The Family Zone App is not compatible with MDM technologies installed on iOS devices by some schools. Also to ensure the Family Zone VPN works with school systems it has been designed to "switch off" when the device connects to a school WiFi network. We call this "Safe WiFi" and for it to work the school's WiFi network needs to be registered in Family Zone. Click here to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install it?
Search Family Zone in the App Store and Google Play.

Can I install it on PCs?
No, PCs and Macs are currently not configured for our Family Zone App.

Do I need it on my phone?
No, the App is only for kid's smart devices like mobile phones and tablets that leave the house network.

How does it control my kid's internet?
The Family Zone App installs device management technology to manage access to device features. This technology is in regular contact with the Family Zone servers to keep rules in-sync. Our App also installs VPN technology to route internet (data) traffic through the Family Zone web-filters.

Will it slow down the internet?
In most circumstances, Family Zone's ‘fast filtering technology’ will be imperceptible. If you're using Family Zone outside of our supported countries then you may notice some latency as traffic needs to be routed across the internet.

Will it work with my school filters?
Yes. Family Zone’s filtering technology has been designed to "switch off" when the device connects to a school WiFi network. We call this "Safe WiFi" and for it to work the school's WiFi network needs to be registered in Family Zone. Find out about Safe WiFi here.

What does it cost?
Your monthly cost will depend on your chosen Family Zone plan. You can check your plan from the Shop within Family Zone Web Account or if you have purchased Family Zone through a partner, you will need to check with them.

I have a Family Zone Box, do I need the App?
The Family Zone App has 3 roles. 1. Filtering when devices leave the Family Zone home network. 2. Scanning Apps installed on the device. 3. Controlling accessible device features. If you need any of these functions then we recommend the installation of the App.

Do I need the Box to have the App?
No. We do however highly recommend the Family Zone Box. It allows you to create a personal internet experience for all users in your home and most importantly it allows you to control internet access for all devices including PCs, smart TVs, gaming platforms and even guests in your home.

Can I uninstall the App?
Yes. The App can be deleted however that does NOT affect the parental control features. To remove all of the Family Zone technology you need to either 1. Sign in to the Portal and cancel the service; or 2. Open the App, go to Settings (using your Parent PIN) and clicking Remove.

Can my kids delete the App?
Yes. The App can be deleted however that does NOT affect the parental control features. And in fact, if they do it, Family Zone will temporarily move them to "Sleep Time" and you’ll be quickly alerted. There are more sophisticated ways kids may try to hack or violate the App or the device’s operating system. Family Zone can typically detect these and will notify you.

Will all apps on my child's device still work?
Most will. Apps blocked by Family Zone obviously won't and some apps which block VPN technology may now operate properly.

My mobile phone carrier gives me unlimited Netflix, will this still be unlimited with the Family Zone App?
As our App uses VPN technology, you may find that this is not compatible with the free Netflix offer. If you notice data being used when watching Netflix, you may need to uninstall the Family Zone App.