Periodic and usage reports enable parents to have an overview of what their children are accessing online and what apps are being installed on their smart devices.

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App installation notifications
Family Zone will email parents when a child installs a new app on their smart device, this helps keep parents informed. The Family Zone App is required to be installed, find out more 

Usage reporting
Parents are emailed weekly with a detailed report containing information on their children's internet activity. The usage report includes details such as the top accessed and denied websites.

Violated device notifications
Parents will be notified when a child removes the Family Zone App from their smart device. Find out more about Violations 

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Things you need to know

Change the frequency
Parents can change the frequency of how often reports are received for each child within the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App.

Stop email notifications
Reporting notifications can be turned off for some or all family members at the parent's discretion.

Do not track
By default, Family Zone does not track usage for adult and parent profiles. You can disable usage tracking for other family members in their settings via Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I see what my kids are viewing online?
You can view the usage of each tracked family member in the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App. 

I accessed online banking on my child's device, did Family Zone see this?
Family Zone records the domain of each website, not a screen capture of what family members do within the websites.

Why am I receiving emails when apps are installed?
By default, parents will receive all notification emails, including when apps are installed. You can turn this off within Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App.

I don't want to see my kids usage reporting, how do I turn this off?
Usage reporting can be turned off for each child from the member's settings in Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App.

Can I choose what notifications I receive?
Yes, all notifications are able to be turned off/on at parents discretion.