Family Zone has been designed by real parents for real parenting situations. Often kids live in more than one location. They may be in split families, boarding arrangements or other accommodation arrangements. Family Zone supports the choices or parents and guardians through the concepts of Shared Arrangements and the Primary Parent role. This guide explains these features.

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Split Families

Family Zone supports each parent in a split family deciding the cyber safety settings that apply in their respective homes for devices assigned to their kids.

Primary Parents

Family Zone assumes the first parent is the Primary Parent. This parent has ultimate authority, including whether to transfer this role to another.

Multiple guardians

Family Zone permits an unlimited number of persons to have a parenting role over a user. This means combinations of split families, boarding and guardian arrangements can all be accommodated.

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Things you need to know

First parent is the Primary Parent
The first parent to register a child is assumed by Family Zone to be the Primary Parent. The Primary Parent has special rights over users.

Disputes between parents
The Primary Parent has sole discretion to accept or reject any request for sharing. They may also cancel a shared arrangement at any time. Should there be any disputes between parents Family Zone is not able to get involved.  The requests of the Primary Parent will be followed.

Shared arrangements relate to Home Networks only
The objective of the Shared Arrangements feature is to ensure that when a child is in either parent's home and using a Family Zone Network that the relevant parent's cyber safety rules apply.
Outside of home (when managed through the Family Zone App) cyber safety policies are managed by the Primary Parent.

Shared parenting and calendars
Shared users will have a Calendar and Routine in each of their Zones. When creating a Shared Arrangement the Calendar and Routine is copied from the shared parent's Cyber Experts recommendations. We do not currently support sharing calendars and routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared arrangement?

It is an agreement between more than one parent to take responsibility for cyber safety polices for a child. Each parent can decide access policies in their respective home (through Family Zone networking).

Why do I need a shared arrangement?

Because Family Zone enforces access policies based on the user of a device. If a child is registered in only one family (ie the primary zone) then the policies set in the primary zone will apply anywhere that child connects to the internet. So, shared arrangements are designed to let parents/guardians take responsibility for access in their respective homes.

Who can request a shared arrangement?

Any Zone Owner in Family Zone can. To do so, the relevant child needs to connect to your Home Network and appear as a Guest. You can then request a shared arrangement from the Guest functions of Family Zone hoe networking.

Can shared arrangements be cancelled?

Yes by the Primary or Shared Parent at anytime.

Can the primary parenting role be transferred?

Yes. The primary parent can re-assign this role to any shared parent of the relevant child.

What happens if I have a dispute with my ex partner? Can Family Zone help?

No. Family Zone gives the Primary Parent sole discretion to accept or reject any request for sharing. They may also cancel a shared arrangement at any time. Should there be any disputes between parents will are not able to get involved.  We will follow the requests of the Primary Parent only.