Routines and Calendars allow parents to manage screen-time, determining when their children can access the internet, taking into consideration their changing academic, sporting and social schedules. The four different access periods (Play, School, Study, Sleep) which make up the routine can be customised for each child, based on their calendar.

Looking to manage your routines and calendars? Find out how with this quick video

Features & Benefits

Easily accessed through your online account or Zone Manager app
Customisable for each family member to meet individual schedules
Easily accommodates holidays and sick days
Parents can “set and forget” or use pre-set configurations
Manages your child’s access to specific sites and apps (eg. YouTube or Facebook).

Recommended Set-up
In consultation with our Cyber Experts, Family Zone provides default settings for both Routines and Calendars based on your child’s age profile. This is a guideline for parents that can easily be edited to meet individual children’s needs.

Quick Time changes can be used to temporarily override your child’s access period, without altering the calendar and routine.

For more information, view our set-up guides for Calendar and Routine.


How To: Set up Routines and Calendars video

How To: Set up Routines
How To: Set up Calendars
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I change routine and calendar options for my children?
Navigate to My Zone>My family, select the relevant child and either the Routine or Calendar options.

Is it possible to change all my children’s calendars at once?
No, each child’s calendar needs to be updated separately.

Can I add in family or school holidays into my calendar?
Yes, simply add in multiple rest days to cover holiday periods.

Can I change the routine from within my calendar without changing my default routine?
Yes. You can alter a single day’s routine from your calendar by selecting “Edit this Day’s Routine” on that calendar day.

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