Borrow requests allow family members to quickly swap profiles amongst devices. This is useful when there is a shared device in the house, or for parents to remove filtering temporarily.

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Share devices with peace of mind
The Borrow feature allows you permit your family to borrow devices, ensuring the correct personal cyber safety settings apply at all times.

Share devices with PINs
Give your family 4-digit PINs so they can quickly borrow devices and have their personal cyber safety settings apply. 
These borrows will auto-expire in 60 minutes.

Easy, even for the youngest in your family
Borrowing is an easy process. Set as your browser homepage or open the Family Zone App. Select yourself and request a borrow or enter your personal PIN.

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Things you need to know

Borrowing ends at midnight
Borrows will automatically end at midnight if it is not ended by a parent earlier.

PINs are not required
If a family member has a PIN they can enter it for a 60-minute borrow. If not, they can send a Borrow Request as an email and a To-Do to their parents.

Set Home.Tools as your home page in your browser

For shared devices, we recommend setting as the home page of the browser used by your kids. This means they can quickly borrow the device.

Block.Tools, Home.Tools and the Family Zone App

Borrowing can be done via blocked pages, Family Zone's Home.Tools webpage (if connected to a Family Zone network) and via the Family Zone App.

help, mark, question icon Frequently Asked Questions

How do I borrow?
Borrowing can be done on the Family Zone App or through the Family Zone's web page (if connected to a Family Zone network).

Why would I need to borrow?
To swap between family members profiles on shared devices. It means the user is getting their personal cyber safety settings.

Can I save the borrow page as a bookmark?
Yes, load the page on your browser and then save as a bookmark.

What can I do when my child is being blocked?
You can change their cyber safety profile settings at any time. For example, you can block/allow sites (see here). If it's just a temporary issue, you can borrow the device as yourself to remove (most) filter restrictions. We don't recommend this to be done frequently. If your kid's cyber safety profiles are not working for you, please contact our Support team (via Help in the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App).

I didn't set a PIN, what now?
If no PIN has been set and you wish to create one, log into Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App, select the family member and click Account.