Children registered with Family Zone can send their parent/s a message requesting change to policy settings. We call this an Access Request which can be submitted from a blocked page, from and from the Family Zone App. Resultant requests are posted as To-Dos in the Portal and emailed to parents.

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Respond to blocked websites
If your children get blocked then in most instances our block page will be presented. Children can then submit an Access Request to you requesting a permanent or temporary change to policies. This gets emailed to you allowing you to respond wherever, whenever and however you like.

Kids can request access changes
Using the Family Zone App or though our Home.Tools web page your family can, at any time, send you an Access Request. Maybe they want to stay in Play Time for some time or they need policies relaxed so unusual homework can be done. These Access Request get emailed to you allowing you to respond wherever, whenever and however you like.

Extensive policy options available to you
Once you've received an Access Request you get re-directed to our Portal to action it. From here you edit policy settings such as site access and Access. You can always of course reject the request.

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Things you need to know

Access Requests send email notifications
Parents will be notified by email when an access request is submitted by a child.

Action through Portal
Access Requests can only be actioned in the Portal. They are shown in Portal as a 'To Do'. The Family Zone Portal can be accessed from any internet browser.

Access Requests can be ignored
You can ignore & close Access Requests through the 'To Do' in Portal.

You can set webpages to be blocked & unblocked
Webpage Access Requests provide an option for Parents to control the website access in each routine period, overwriting the category filtering. Find out more here.

Quick Time Changes
An option of an Access Request, is to perform a Quick Time Change. This quickly changes their routine period for a set duration to a different one, such as Play Time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my child know why they're being blocked from a webpage?
Generally yes, and they will be re-directed to a Family Zone Blocked Page. This page explains what webpage being accessed and why it was blocked. For SSL sites, Family Zone cannot re-direct to the block page. If blocked these pages will time-out.

Do I have to action Access Requests?
No however, the 'To Do' for the Access Request will not remove itself. To remove the 'To Do', open the request and click the 'ignore & close' option.

Will I be notified when an Access Request is submitted?
Yes, Parents will receive an email. Text messages are NOT available at this time.

My child is doing homework and is being blocked, what can I do?
We recommending having the child send an access request from the blocked page. You can then change the specific site access. You may also choose to borrow the device (as yourself) from a block page. This will give the device your policy settings for an hour.

Can I stop my child from sending Access Requests?
No, the Access Request option is a function available on all Family Zone block pages and our App.

How can I respond to an Access Request from my phone?
You will need to log into our Family Zone Portal from your phone.

My kids are sending Access Requests but I'm not receiving any emails?
Please ensure that your email address is correct for your Family Zone account and that the emails from Family Zone are not in your junk folder.