Guests can connect to your Family Zone home network. Once connected, their device will be assigned to the guest profile and filtered, also you will be notified by email and in Portal as a 'To Do', that they have connected.

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Guest WiFi Network
The Family Zone Box has an optional Guest WiFi network that parents can enable/disable.

Notifications of new devices
When a device connects to your Family Zone network, you will be notified by email. In Portal, you can register the device as a family member, a guest or block the device from your network. 

Personal settings applied for registered Family Zone devices

When a device is registered with Family Zone, the user and device become known to Family Zone. As a known user, their existing cyber safety profile will continue to apply while connected to other Family Zone networks.

Guest profile for unknown devices
When a new device connects to Family Zone for the first time, the guest profile is automatically applied until the device is registered.

Safety Net

Family Zone gives parents complete control over their network. The Safety Net is an optional service which ensures that guests from other Family Zone networks follow your house rules. Find out more about Safety Net here.   

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Things you need to know

Email notifications for new users
When a new user and device connect to your network, you will be notified by email and a To Do will appear in your Portal.

Safety Net can be disabled
The Safety Net can be enabled/disabled under the Cyber Safety menu.

Guests can be removed and blocked
As a Zone Owner, you have the option to block guest devices that connect to your network.

Configure guest profile
The guest profile, like all other age profiles for the family, can be configured by parents within the Cyber Safety menu in Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do guests connect to my Family Zone?
Guests will still require you to provide the password for the Guest WiFi network. 

How do I remove guests?
Guests can be removed from Web Account or Zone Manager Appunder the Home Network menu.

I don't want guests to be filtered, what do I do?
You can provide your guests the WiFi password to your Unfiltered WiFi network or to your legacy modem to bypass Family Zone filtering.

Can I configure a routine for guests?
Guests, by default, will not have the option for a routine. You can create a family member titled 'Guests' which can then have a custom routine configured.