The unique Family Zone Box simply plugs into your modem router. It provides powerful WiFi with no impact on your home internet speed. Simple to set up, the Family Zone Box can manage access rules and schedule play, school, study and sleep times for all your family’s devices. It can even manage guest access.

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Powerful 1200AC WiFi Access Point

Powerful 1200AC Dual-Band Gigabit 802.11ac WiFi access point. Simply plugs into your existing home router. Includes 4 LAN ports. Connect all devices your kids use through your Family Zone Box (via LAN port or WiFi) to impose routines and internet access restrictions at home.

Family & Guest WiFi networks

The Family Zone Box broadcasts 3 WiFi networks - Family, Unfiltered & Guest. The Guest WiFi network is a safe filtered WiFi network for guests in your home. Users on this cannot access your internal home network (eg. files, media, printer sharing).

Unfiltered WiFi

The Unfiltered WiFi network is a secure but unfiltered WiFi network. We recommend it for media streaming and parental use only. Google restrictions are not available. We suggest devices shared with kids are never connected to this network.

Safe Search

By default Family Zone’s filtered networks impose safe search restrictions on Google & Bing. And by default all other search engines are blocked for users under 18. You can change this setting if you wish.

YouTube restrictions

By default Family Zone’s filtered networks impose strict adult content restrictions on YouTube. This blocks all adult rated or unrated content.

Shared devices

Does your family share a computer or a tablet? If so, Family Zone’s unique web page allows your family to quickly & securely “borrow” devices using personal 4-digit PINs. It will then apply this user’s settings to the shared device.

Roaming policies

Another Family Zone innovation. All Family Zone Boxes work together in policy harmony. So your child’s internet access at your home will be exactly the same at any other home or business using the Family Zone.

Guest access and alerts

As new devices and registered users connect to your Family Zone WiFi you will be notified by email. You can assign new devices to family members or guests or quickly block access.

Safety Net policy

Through Family Zone’s innovative roaming feature guests on your network get the access policies set by their respective parents. But what if those parents are much more relaxed about internet access than you? That’s where the Safety Net comes in. This applies in addition to guest settings, meaning anything you feel strongly should not be accessed on your network, will be blocked.

Cloud controlled

Family Zone’s home networking features are all controlled in the cloud through the Family Zone Web Account or Family Zone App. No need to install software on devices, run firmware updates or the like. From your PC, mobile or tablet you can access the Family Zone and be in complete control.

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Things you need to know

Family Zone Box is NOT a modem - it must be plugged into one

A modem is a device that enables networks of different technologies to interact. For example if you have an ADSL modem it permits your home digital data network to communicate with and through an analogue telephone network.  A modem is a device you plug into your telephone line so you can receive internet service. Most home modems are also routers. A router is a device that transmits data within a data network e.g. within your home. This is why there is a phone line port (to connect to the telephone networks) and often multiple data ports at the back of your modem (which 'network' your home).analog

The Family Zone Box is not a modem. It is a router and a WiFi access point. A WiFi access point permits data networks to operate wirelessly (i.e. without plugging in cables). Accordingly, the Family Zone Box must be plugged into the LAN (local network) port of your existing home modem/router. The cable is inserted in the WAN port of the Box.

To find out more, click here

Works with smart wiring
The Family Zone Box is compatible with smart wired houses, by placing the Family Zone Box between the modem and the switch, to provide total coverage.

Do not connect Family Zone Boxes together
The Family Box enforces internet filters. If you connect a Box to another Box, the internet traffic will be filtered twice, which slows down the internet. To find out more, click here. 

Keep your Box Updated
Our technology is constantly being worked on to keep your family as safe as we can. From time to time we will need you to permit us to update your Box's software.

Disable your Existing WiFi Network

The Box creates a safe WiFi network at your home. To be effective you must disconnect devices from your existing WiFi network(s) and router and activate them onto your Family Zone Box. 
We recommend you hide your existing modem/router networks or at least change the WiFi password on your existing router.

WiFi passwords are still required 

For users to access your Family Zone WiFi networks you must provide them with your WiFi network passwords. The Family Zone does not permit unknown users to access your WiFi networks without passwords.

Only provide guests with access to your Guest WiFi Network 

Your Family Zone WiFi Network Controller service comes with two WiFi networks. A Family network that permits devices to share files and a Guest network that doesn't. 
For safety reasons, please ensure you only provide guests access to your guest WiFi network.


We aim to be supportive and flexible with any issues you experience. Please log a fault through the Help menu in Web Account or Family Zone App.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I install the Family Zone Box to my network?
The Family Zone Box connects to your existing modem and will broadcast its own Family WiFi network. To find out more about how to connect the Family Zone Box to your network, click here.

Can I connect my desktop computer that doesn't have wifi?
Yes, the Family Zone Box has four LAN ports, which connect to the Family Network. if you need more than four LAN port, connect your devices to a switch before connecting the switch to the Family Zone Box.

Does it cover all devices in the house (gaming consoles, printers etc)?
Yes, the Family Zone Box has 3 WiFi networks; Family, Guest and Unfiltered, as well as four LAN port, to cover your entire home network. Devices connected to the Family or Unfiltered network and can still interact with other devices on the legacy network.

How does it control my kids internet?
The Family Zone Box broadcasts a Family network which kids need to connect and register their devices on in order to be protected by Family Zone. If your children are not connected and registered on the Family network, they may not be correctly protected by Family Zone.
To protect your kid's devices when away from home, you can install the Family Zone App on their device. Find out more here.

Will it slow down the internet?
No, the Family Zone Box is a wireless router that should not slow down your internet speed.

What does it cost?

Your monthly cost will depend on your chosen Family Zone plan. Find out more about our plans here.

Do I need a Family Zone Box to have Family Zone?
No, if you only have an Android or iOS smart devices, we can install the Family Zone App to keep your kids safe.

Can my children get around the Family Zone Box?
Family Zone blocks access to the modem login page to stop children from access this. If parents wish to log into the modem, they will need to connect to the Unfiltered WiFi; the legacy modems WiFi network or connect a PC/Laptop to the modem via ethernet cable.