Family Zone's Safe WiFi feature allows you to register WiFi networks that you consider safe. For example school or corporate WiFi networks. Family Zone’s mobile device filtering technology will detect when the device accesses these networks and disable our filtering.

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Automatically switch off Family Zone filters on Safe WiFi networks

If your family connect to networks with existing filters in place these may conflict with Family Zone. The Safe WiFi feature allows you to identify safe networks and ensure Family Zone is disabled when connected to that network.

Works with School WiFi networks

Many schools have their own filtering systems in place, so we can set them as Safe WiFi Networks, Find out more about schools and Family Zone here.

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Things you need to know

wifi icon Registering a Safe WiFi

Family Zone's Safe WiFi feature disables Family Zone filtering (VPN) when the Family Zone App detects the device has connected to a registered Safe WiFi network. You can register a Safe WiFi network through the Cyber Safety settings menu in the Family Zone Web Account.

Image result for family zone app Requires the Family Zone App

The Family Zone App manages the internet access of your kids devices outside of home. Family Zone's schools features are enabled through the Family Zone App which can only be installed on compatible iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices.

apple, ios, ipad icon  android, google icon Only compatible iOS and Android devices supported

The Family Zone App works on most popular iOS and Android devices. Find out more here.

dream, family, heart, home, love, peace, warmth icon Applies to all family members

Once a Safe WiFi network is registered, this will apply for all family members. You cannot restrict this to individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add a Safe WiFi network?

A Safe WiFi network is recommended if your child visits another WiFi network that has its own filtering, such as schools. Once a WiFi network is registered as safe, the Family Zone VPN technology will turn off to allow the Safe network to filter the device.

How do I add a Safe WiFi network?

A Safe WiFi network can be added for all family members through Family Zone Web Account > Settings > Family Zone > Add Manually. Please note that the Network SSID is case sensitive, if the name is not correct, it will not function correctly.

Can I remove a Safe WiFi network?

Yes, you can remove a Safe WiFi network through Family Zone Web Account> Settings > Family Zone then removing the network.