Safe WiFi feature allows you to register WiFi networks that you consider safe. For example school or corporate WiFi networks. Family Zone’s device filtering technology will detect when the device accesses these networks and disable our filtering.

Do I need to add a Safe WiFi network?

No, however often School networks and filtering systems can be impacted by our filters.  Registering the school’s WiFi as a Safe WiFi will disable our filtering when you children connect to their network.

I don’t know the network details of my child’s school, what do I do?

Add the school to your child through the user settings and we will contact the school to obtain the network details on your behalf.

TIP: Read our help guides to find out How to: add a school to a child.

Do I need to add my Family Zone box as a safe network?

No.  The Family Zone box is automatically included as a safe network for all devices on your account

Does Safe WiFi work all device types?

Safe Networks wok on iOS (Apple), Android, Windows and Mac devices that have one of Family Zone’s protection apps installed.  

Chromebooks will work with Family Zone Boxes and at schools that have Family Zone network filtering, however they won’t recognise safe networks added through your only account.

Can children use Safe WiFi to bypass filtering?

Possibly. So be careful what WiFi networks you register as Safe. 

Does Safe WiFi apply to the family or a user in my family?

Safe WiFi applies to ALL of your family members.

Feature Availability

This feature is available on Premium and Insights subscriptions. Please note filtering is only available to Premium Subscriptions.