Family Zone allows you to research if users can access a particular website. This can be found in the Insights menu of the Web Account or Zone Manager App.

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Research websites your kids are visiting

Web research allows you to see what Category Family Zone's filtering engine considers any website to be and whether this site would be blocked or allowed for your family members.

Research apps your kids are using

App research allows you to find out more about the Apps your kids are using or that you've heard about.

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Things you need to know

favicon, google, logo, new icon Website research is run against your user accounts

When website research is run, we run this on your family members account. This allows us to check if it will be blocked or allowed for them. Accordingly your users need a registered device in the Family Zone. 

Please note, research queries will appear on your family member's usage history.

apps, grid icon App research results can be limited

Family Zone's App research feature is limited to 20 results. And given app names can often be only slightly different to other app names, you may find the app you are searching for doesn't appear. We suggest you try a few variations if this happens.

Users must have a registered device to use the research feature

To use the research feature to check if a family member has access to different website, they must have a device registered to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the research function?

The research function works in real time to check if websites or mobile apps are allowed or blocked.

I searched a website that should be blocked and it says it's allowed, what do I do?

Parents can report the issue to support by filling out the 'Report a problem' button.