Family Zone enables you to take advantage of Google & Bing's Safe Search feature and Google YouTube restrictions. When Safe Search is on, sexually explicit video and images will be filtered from search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content. YouTube's restricted mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content that is flagged by users and other signals. No filter is 100% accurate, but it should help you avoid most inappropriate content.

This guide explains how Family Zone's safe search features function.

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Restrict search results

Safe search means explicit material will generally be removed from search result previews on Bing and Google.

Block adult YouTube content

Google's search restrictions enforces adult content restrictions in YouTube. All unrated and adult content will be blocked.

Peace of mind

Kids are natural explorers. Family Zone's safe search functions give you peace of mind when their online.

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Things you need to know

favicon, google, logo, new icon Google restrictions are not perfect

Google restrictions is a special feature of Google's web services which allows Family Zone block explicit content from Web and YouTube Searches. Be aware, while these restrictions are not 100% accurate they are strict and targeted at kids.

circle, color, youtube icon Restricted YouTube blocks unrated content

Google restrictions blocks both adult and unrated content on YouTube. Accordingly, users will be blocked from material that they believe to be kid-friendly. This is a limitation of the Google service.

browser, internet, web, webpage, website, window icon Safe Search & YouTube restrictions work together

At the moment Google requires us to apply the safe web search filter along with the YouTube restrictions. So if you would like to provide some users with unrestricted access to YouTube then they may stumble upon unsafe search result previews. To enable or disable these restrictions go to Disable YouTube & Google Search Restrictions on your Cyber Safety Profiles. Go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Categories.

browser, internet, web, webpage, website, window icon The internet doesn't work without access to search engines

Much of the internet now relies on services provided by Google and Facebook. If you disable the filter category Required Web, the internet won't function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disable Google restrictions

Go to Unsafe Google and YouTube Search Results on your Cyber Safety Profiles. Go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Categories.

My kids are saying YouTube doesn't work for them at all, why is this?

Enforcing safe search removes access to YouTube videos that have not been tagged safe for safe search by the uploader rather than being unsafe.