What is Content Filtering?

Family Zone’s sophisticated content filtering allows parents to manage screen-time quickly and easily.  

  • Take advantage of pre-set age-profile defaults to protect your child automatically.

  • Customise school, study, play and sleep times by setting routines that work for you.

How does Content Filtering Work?

Our content filtering system is constantly at work searching the internet, identifying and classifying web pages and data. Once a website has been categorised, Family Zone’s content filtering will:

  • Check your child’s routine to determine their current access period (Play, School, Study, and Sleep).

  • Check the category against their age profile settings.

  • Determine access based on whether that category is blocked or allowed in an access period.

Bringing It All Together


Content Filtering Components


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Registering Home Zone Devices

User Profile Settings

Routines and Calendars

Access Periods

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a website be miscategorised?

Yes. The categorisation engine is clever, but it isn’t perfect. So you may occasionally find sites that have not yet been categorised or may be incorrectly categorised. Please let us know by raising a support ticket if you believe you have found an error or issue. Only by working together can we keep our kids safe.

How do I find out the category of a website?

The category of a website can be found by signing into your online account. Then, go to  Insights > Website Check. Select a user, then enter the name of the website you wish to check.

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