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Updating the App

The Family Zone App is an advanced parental control service on your kid's Android or iOS (Apple) mobile devices. The Family Zone App may be required to be updated from time to time as we introduce new features and to ensure compatibility with Android and iOS operating system updates.

Depending on your personal phone settings and operating system, updates are made available through the Play or Google store. Sometimes these will update automatically or prompt you to update the individual app. Select the Family Zone App in the store when updates are made available and select update.

To update the Family Zone app

  • Open the app
  • Click on the 'Update" button down the bottom
  • Follow the prompts

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Things you need to know

Policies for managing your family's devices are stored in the Family Zone Web Account. The App regularly contacts Family Zone to ensure the policies are in-sync.
There is a small amount of data usage associated with the App syncing with the Family Zone Web Account and battery usage, both are unnoticeable.

Alert in Family Zone Web Account

If one of your devices is pending an update, you will get an alert in Family Zone Web Account advising that there is an update pending.