A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile apps serve all sort sorts of purposes for gaming, collaboration, business, banking and so on. Controlling what apps your kids use and when is becoming the highest priority issues for parents.

The Family Zone App allows you to monitor and manage what apps your kid's use on their compatible devices. This guide outlines the features available to you for managing apps through Family Zone.

Device Feature restrictions are only available on devices with an active Family Zone App installed.

apps, grid icon How to: Review Apps used by my family

Install the Family Zone App on your kid's compatible iOS or Android device. 
Within an hour you will receive an email detailing apps your chosen Cyber Expert consider risky. 
You will also be able to view a list of all apps installed on these devices in the Web Account or Zone Manager App (Go to Insights > Apps) including background information on them.

block icon How to: Block Installation of new Apps

Within the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App, you can configure the Family Zone App to block the installation of apps. Click here to find out more.


alarm, alert, bell, christmas, notification, ring icon How to: Get alerted when Apps are installed

Within the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App, you can configure the Family Zone App to alert you by e-mail if your kids install an app. Click here to find out more.


facebook, group, linkedin, meeting, mobile, social networks, twitter icon How to: Restrict access to Social Networks

The Family Zone App works in combination with our filtering services to allow Parents to manage certain social networks and apps. These are websites and apps identified by our Cyber Experts as requiring parental control. Click here to find out more.

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Things you need to know

Family Zone controls access to the Internet

The Family Zone services control access to the internet. Therefore apps that do not require access internet access to work, Family Zone is unable to control access to these apps.

apple, ios, ipad icon android, google icon Only compatible iOS and Android devices supported

The Family Zone Device Controller works on most popular iOS and Android devices. Search for compatible devices above. 


Jail-breaking is the process of removing limitations on iOS, Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV. Other operating systems can similarly be compromised. Jail-breaking and the like are against manufacturer's terms of use. There is typically no good reason for your child to 'Jail-break' their device. If they have it is most likely to access unsafe Apps or to circumvent the Family Zone App.  If you have installed the App on your kid's devices then you will be notified if they compromise their operating system. In this circumstance we urge you to immediately remove the device from your child, reset it and engage with them on safe use of technology.