When guests connect to your Family Zone Box, Family Zone's unique Safety Net feature ensures only content that you accept is accessible on your network.

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Protect your network

The Safety Net helps ensure that high risk websites are not accessed inside your home. This gives protects your home against viruses when guests connect to your network.

Protect your family

The Safety Net ensures your kids do not see web content that you find objectionable in your home, even when their friends are on your network.

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Things you need to know

antivirus, shield iconA Safety Net Filter is available on your Network

When a device connects to your network the Family Zone platform will identify it. If it is associated with a user in the Family Zone then their personal policies will be applied - as set by that user's parents.

These users are considered to be "registered" or "known" Family Zone users. As these users may be guests in your home, you will still want to ensure that objectionable content is not accessible. We support this through our unique Safety Net Filter. The Safety Net is a separate Cyber Safety Profile and it applies on top of any personal settings of your guests.

settings, streamline icon Safety Net Filter options

You can choose to apply a Safety Net or not. By default, we set it to on.
You can also modify the Safety Net filter settings recommended to you by your Cyber Expert.

email, envelope, letter, mail, message icon New devices, users and notifications

When a registered user connects to your Home Network you will receive an email notifying you. You can then block or continue to permit access. A To-Do will also appear in your Dashboard.

clear, edit, field icon WiFi passwords are still required 
For users to access your Family Zone WiFi networks you must provide them with your WiFi network passwords.
The Family Zone does not permit unknown users to access your WiFi Networks without passwords.

 firewall iconOnly provide guests with access to your Guest WiFi network

Your Family Zone WiFi Network Controller service provides you with two filtered WiFi networks and an Unfiltered WiFi network.
The Filtered Family network permits devices & media share and the Guest network doesn't. We recommend you have your guests use the Guest WiFi network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the Safety Net?

No, the Safety Net is an option parents have to ensure visitors from another Family Zone home follow your filtering.

What does the Safety Net do?

The Safety Net ensures that visitors from another Family Zone home are filtered just like your family. This means that if they can access a category at home, but you have it blocked, they cannot access it.

How do I change the Safety Net profile?

The Safety Net profile can be changed from Web Account > Cyber Safety > Controls > Categories > Safety Net.