Family Zone enforces parental controls through identifying a device and associating it with a family member. This device owner (i.e. family member) will then have their routine and profile's policies applied. Many families share devices, for example the hallway desktop or kid's sharing an iPad. Find out more about borrowing here.

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Share devices with peace of mind
Family Zone's borrow feature allows you to quickly change profile settings and routines between family members. Borrowing between profiles will last until midnight, when it will revert to the device owner.

Share devices with PINs
Give your family a 4-digit PINs so that they can quickly borrow devices and have their personal cyber safety settings apply, without needing parental intervention.

Easy, even for the youngest in your family

Borrowing is an easy process. Set as your browser home page or open the Family Zone App. Select yourself and request a borrow or enter your personal PIN.

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Things you need to know

editclear, field icon User PINs are required

When creating family members you can assign them with personal 4-digit PINs.
You don't need to, however if you do, your family can use this pin to borrow family devices by themselves.

email, envelope, mail, message, send icon Your family can request to borrow devices as a To-Do

Alternatively if you do not set a PIN for a family member, when they request a borrow, with will come through as an email and To-Do notification.
You can accept or reject borrow requests. You can also choose to change the user temporarily or permanently.
If you choose to only temporarily change the user this will be limited to and will expire at midnight (in your timezone).

Your family can borrow devices in two ways:

1. using the Family Zone App; OR 

2. Entering Home.Tools in the address bar of a browser (if connected to a Family Zone safe network).

We suggest you setup Home.Tools as the home page of browsers on the devices shared by your family.

editclear, field icon Change your kid's PINs

You are not required to provide your kids with PINs however you can in order to enable them to borrow family devices. Obviously you want your kids to keep their PINs private. We recommend changing PINs from time to time.

male, user icon Do not setup your kids as "Parents"

Do not configure give your children a Parent role in the Family Zone and do not give your them access to your Family Zone Account. Only parents should have access to the Family Zone account and family settings. Your kids/users do not need access to the Family Zone Web Account or Zone Manager App in any circumstance.

male, user icon Assign shared devices to the most restricted user in your family 

To ensure the most suitable restrictions in your home, we suggest shared devices are assigned to the user with the most restrictive Profile. Then users can temporarily borrow the device for their access levels to apply.

alarm, bell, clock, time icon Borrows expire at midnight

Borrowing a device will always expire at midnight, and the profile will revert to the device owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions


My family has no shared devices, do I need to set pins for my kids?

No, pins are optional for children. If they attempt to borrow device without a pin, you will be notified by email advising that a borrow request has been submitted. Find out more about borrowing here.

My kids sometimes use my device, should I assign them as the owner?

Only if they have access to that device without parental supervision. When you go to use the device you can borrow to your parental profile. 

My kids sometimes use my phone, should I assign them as the owner?

No, you can borrow to your child's profile before loaning the smart device to them.